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Pond Repair Services

Pond Specialists serving Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire.

A garden pond is not just a hole in the ground filled with water. On the contrary, it is a marvellous feature that always brings any outdoor space to life and serves as a natural source of stress relief. Having a garden pond is an excellent way of relaxing while watching wildlife, exploring and enjoying your outdoor space. But, unfortunately, life is not always idyllic, and from time to time, problems can occur. One of the common issues that can arise is water loss in ponds. Among the possible reasons for this matter are pond leakages caused by various reasons (e.g. cracked or poorly connected pipework and filters systems, cracked or restricted waterfall/watercourse, roots or animals piercing the liner, etc.).

If your pond leaks, then you need our pond repair services.

It's always frustrating when you face a pond leak in your pond liner. However, it is vital to detect the leak when it happens to save aquatic life. Fish can die, and soil erosion can occur if your pond has a crack. Do not worry. We are here for you. Fishlife is specialized in pond repair services for customers throughout Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire. Our pond repair services are comprehensive and will save you time and money.

Finding the leak in your pond liner.

Flexible liners are great but do not last forever. Like everything associated with livestock and livestock housing, pond liners do wear out. While repairing holes in ponds with flexible liners might be reasonably easy to fix, locating the source of a leak can be time­consuming. Pond leaks can be tiny and hard to spot, or they can be more significant but hidden from view. Whether your pond liner has ruptured, decayed, or is cracked from the freeze­thaw cycles in your area, FishLife Pond Repair Services can fix and patch your liner.

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Reasons to choose FishLife Pond Repair Services in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire.
  • We specialize in repairing pond liners and solving pond problems.

  • We always deliver professional and affordable pond repair services.

  • We have passion and dedication when it comes to pond repair services.

  • We offer complete pond maintenance and servicing programmes that keep ponds healthy and looking great.

  • We have the knowledge, experience and trust (please see our testimonials). 

  • We have worked with ponds & aquariums for over 25 years. 

  • We are qualified (follow this link to see our qualifications) and always make sure we are on the leading edge of pond innovations.

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