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What You Need to Know

Let FishLife rejuvenate your pond: perhaps the plants have taken over, or your pump and filter equipment are no longer keeping the pond clean and the water clear?  Are you mysteriously losing water?  Are you plagued with green stringy blanketweed algae?  We can help you with all of these things and much more!  Call today on 07711995665


Pond Cleaning

Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You!

Perhaps your pond has been neglected, or you've just moved in to a new home and there's a pond in the garden; or the pond is simply choked up with excessive plant growth?

Let FishLife drain and clean your pond - we are very thorough, though sometimes certain ponds require a different approach; such as a wildlife pond.  Essentially, all ponds need attention at some stage, otherwise they will silt-up or disappear in to a rampant jungle of plants!

We are just as happy cleaning a small as we are a large one, so don't hesitate to call for a quote.

Pond Cleaning

Pump & Filter Installations and Other Pond Equipment

Enjoy a Clean and Crystal Clear Pond

We are an OASE Authorised Installer, though we work with all makes of pond equipment, and have 20+ years of experience.

To say we know a thing or two about filtration is an understatement! 


Pond Construction/Repairs

We Understand the Requirements of Fish, Plants and Wildlife

Quality flexible liner, pre-formed or concrete.


Attention to Detail

Your pond may not require a full clean, but perhaps the plants need re-potting or cutting back in preparation for winter, and your pump and filter will probably require some attention too? Regular annual maintenance helps to reduce the accumulation of silt on the bottom of the pond, and in turn increases the general quality of the water; your fish thrive and the pond remains a healthy environment for the wildlife that lives there too.

Pond construction

Get in touch today and let's bring your Pond back to its glory

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