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Green Pond Water Treatment

Check out The Best way to Eliminate Green Pond Water.

If you've got a pond in your garden, you will know how beautiful it can be. But if it's not maintained correctly, it can quickly become an eyesore. Green pond water is common and indicates that something is out of balance.

Preventing green pond water is easy if you have the right equipment. There are a few simple steps you can take to help keep your water crystal clear. Do you have a pond and are unsure how to stop it from going green? Read on. This article will outline the most effective ways to prevent your pond from turning green.

What Causes Green Pond Water

Why has the water in my pond gone green?

Green water is caused by microscopic single­celled plants called algae that float around in the water column. Algae are present in every pond in many different forms. They cover the rocks and plants and can even form green scum on the water surface. As long as algae are kept under control, they are part of a healthy aquatic ecosystem and provide food for fish and other pond life. However, when algae become too abundant, they can cause problems for aquatic ecosystems and the animals in them.

Algae thrive in water rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphates. When these nutrients are combined with sunlight and warmth, the algae thrive. It is helpful to know where these nutrients (fertilizer) are coming from.

There are a few reasons why levels of nitrogen and phosphates rise:

  1. organic matter at the bottom of the pond (for example, leaves, grass cuttings), which over some time decomposes and supplies nutrients into the water providing food for algae to grow;

  2. too many fish in the pond can cause algae growth. Fish waste - both soluble and insoluble - breaks down into nitrate which fertilizes the algae. Just a few fish can produce enough waste to cause a nutrient imbalance in a small pond;

  3. lack of pond plants. As they naturally compete with algae by consuming the same food sources (nitrate and phosphates), not enough pond plants are one of the reasons for the abundance of algae. However, when koi are present, it can be challenging to grow plants!

Green Pond Water Treatment

When you notice the first signs of algae in your garden water feature, do not panic, but remember that prevention is better than cure! Green pond water treatments can help keep it balanced with nature. In fact, it's not difficult to handle algae growth if you know the proper techniques. Here are five tips for dealing with excess algae growth:

Reduce fish load

When it comes to green pond water treatments, the number of fish is an essential part of the equation. As mentioned above, fish are responsible for generating nutrients which support algae growth. If reoccurring or constant algae problems plague your pond, it might be time to reduce the number of fish.

Add more pond plants

Generally, the more plants you have, the better for your pond. Pond plants are brilliant at helping to ‘mop-up’ phosphates and nitrate, helping to suppress algae growth and creating a balanced and healthy ecosystem for fish and wildlife to thrive. Note that it can take two to three years for pond plants to become well­established, so do not expect miracles overnight.

Use ultraviolet clarification

Invest in the most efficient green pond water treatment­ultraviolet clarification if you want guaranteed results. Ultraviolet clarifiers use ultraviolet light to prevent - and even cure - green-water blooms. When correctly sized and installed, this solution is always sure to work. To learn more, check out our video.



The presence of green pond water can be an unsightly and unwelcome nuisance. It is caused by billions of microscopic single-celled algae and can emit an unpleasant odour, create murky water, and reduce the attractiveness of a pond. The key is to avoid an imbalance by preventing the conditions which lead to algal blooms. Reducing fish load and adding more plants are two ways to control algae. However, if you want a solution guaranteed to work faster, invest in an Ultraviolet Clarifier and phosphate removal media/treatment.

Do you own a garden pond which has gone green, and algae problems in general overwhelm you?

Sit back and relax! FishLife Pond Services can help! Get in touch with us today and see how we can solve your green pond water problem.

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